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Our Process


This is typically an initial phone conversation in which we seek to understand how we can assist you. We'll provide an overview of our services and if we're a fit for your needs, we will set a follow-up meeting and email you a confidential questionnaire, which will help us make the best use of your time. We'll also provide a checklist of the information we will need to initiate the planning process, which may include investment statements, Social Security statements, pensions, insurance, etc.


In our first meeting, we'll seek to understand you and your goals, aspirations, and concerns. 

We will review your questionnaire, seek to understand more about you and focus on your circumstances, ambitions and expectations for a relationship with Nordmann Wealth Management. We will explain our firm's capabilities and processes, and determine which of our services would best fit your needs. All planning meetings are casual, free of charge and we invite you to ask questions throughout our discussion. Following this initial meeting, we'll take a week to analyze your situation before we have the follow-up meeting.


With a focus on financial information, family dynamics and your goals, we will discuss your current financial position and work together to set a specific, measurable plan. For retirees, this will include an review of income potential, social security optimization and tax planning. We will review and discuss your current investments, other assets, income and insurance. In our planning process, we utilize proprietary, comprehensive planning tools to help assess your tolerance for risk and to quantify your financial needs. We'll also review beneficiary designations and a have a high-level discussion around estate planning. 

We'll also review our value proposition, our investment and management process and philosophy, fee structure and outline our onboarding process.


Our third meeting will tie all the prior meetings together and implement the plan with the goal of simplifying your life. At this meeting we'll sign documents to open accounts, transfer assets, establish beneficiary designations, set up automatic income deposits [if applicable] and implement the investment strategy.


Within 45 days of implementing your plan and opening the accounts, we'll meet to review your first statement, establish the RMD process [if needed], set-up your online access and answer any questions you may have. We'll establish a frequency for review meetings and set a follow-up meeting to take a comprehensive review of your beneficiary and estate planning issues.


At this meeting, we'll have a detailed discussion about your desires for passing wealth to the next generation or to other beneficiaries. We'll discuss the need for estate planning documents [wills, HCD, HPOA, POA, trusts, etc.] as they may apply to your situation and assist you in coordinating implementation with your CPA/attorney.


On a regular basis, we'll meet in person to review your investments and review your returns relative to benchmarks. We'll also monitor for any needed changes to income, changing tax situations or needed modifications to your estate plan. Between meetings, you'll receive monthly statements and regular portfolio performance review statements from Raymond James. You'll also have 24/7 access to your accounts online.

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