Are you unhappy with your investment performance? Did your advisor warn you about the risk? Are they communicating with you?

Our clients don’t like surprises and I suspect you don't either.  Today's environment is unchartered territory and you deserve a hands-on professional to guide you.

What keeps you up at night?  Investment performance?  Were you surprised by the volatility of your portfolio?  Does it feel like your advisor doesn't understand your needs?  Every client deserves to have a financial plan that lets them sleep at night.

Leveraging Riskpro®, a sophisticated risk modeling tool, we understand our clients' needs for security and build tailored portfolios to align with them.

We help you make informed and effective financial choices so you can feel confident and self-assured about your wealth and your financial future.


Steps in our process:

Conversational Discovery: 


We'll work with you to understand how you value money and to understand your comfort level with investing.  Videoconferencing is always available.





Tailored Planning:


We'll build a financial and investment plan, tailored for you, that's designed to achieve your goals and meet your needs for security.




Confirmation & Implementation: 


We'll model your plan to ensure you're comfortable with the expectations so that you can feel confident about your future. 




Our process is simple and client-focused and we're committed to consistent and regular communication with clients in good times and bad.  If that’s the experience you deserve, then please call my office at (407) 536-5322 to learn more.  There's no better time than today.